Toe Nail Trimming & Filing:
For those who have difficulty with or just dislike attending to their own routine nail care.

Thickened Nails Reduced:
Gently carried out using a drill that reduces the thickness and smooths the surface of the nail.

Removal of Corns & Callus/ Hard Skin:
Corns are treated by carefully removing the dead skin & nucleus.
Calluses & Hard Skin can be pared or filed, depending on the severity.
Advice on how to prevent or slow down recurrences will be given.

Ingrowing Toe Nails:
Will be treated buy cutting the nails correctly with appropriate nail nippers to relieve this painful condition.

Diabetic Foot Care:
In addition to routine treatment a thorough visual check will be undertaken.Patients with diabetes are offered advice regarding their risk factors and appropriate management.

Athletes Foot, Cracked Heels, Fungal Nail Infection:
As these conditions are ongoing a treatment and management plan will be discussed to suit the individuals circumstances.

Finger Nail Trimming & Filing:
If you are struggling to cut your fingernails, Malaga Footcare can provide this as an additional service to any of the above treatments.